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August starts now! Leo New Moon, Passion & Truth in Love, August Eclipse – July 23 to July 29 Astrology Horoscope by Nadiya Shah

This week is when August really begins and when the energy shifts to greater Love and Wisdom!  This week is a precursor to the power coming up ahead. We’ve got a special New Moon happening in the same part of the sky that will feature an eclipse one month down the road. This is a chance for a fresh beginning. This New Moon and eclipse season in Leo will help us align with a more higher and loving vision for our life, to put our past away and our ego aside to shine bright.  
This momentum starts with a very strong beginning that will bring positive and lasting changes. 

Reflect, understand that things are cycles, life is cycles. It isn’t over yet. This week you will get a chance to know yourself more deeply in the process.