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The Nodes in Astrology

April 7, 218

2pm EST

The Nodes are primary in prediction and also in understanding your pathway forward towards fulfilling your true life’s potential. Some indications are here for the emotional space your entered this life with, and also whom you could most be in your highest understanding. This class will explore the nodes of the Moon, looking at sign and house placements, as well as the role of planets conjunct in the natal or transiting charts. We will be looking at how to identify key planets by chart ruler-ships, and how their conjunctions to the nodes denote major turning points in a life, or major soul contracts with others.


Past Lives in The Astrology Chart

April 14, 2018

2pm EST

Who have you been before, and where have you been? Would you like to explore some themes that may be showing up in your life today, and where you might be heading? There are karmic themes and past life archetypes that show in the chart. This class will how you where to look to discover where your soul has been, and how to embrace the present day. Topics such as the role of the 12th house cusp, its ruling planet, and the special role of Neptune play in understanding past lives.


Health and Holistic Healing in The Astrology Chart

April 28, 2018

2pm EST

Medical Astrology is an established discipline, practiced by Medieval Doctors and Modern Astrologers alike. This class will take a look at how astrology speaks to the various areas of the body, how to identify health challenges and pathways to healing. We will be exploring the natal chart, as well as transits to the chart that speak to potentials for challenges and healing opportunities

Thank You for your trust and for learning astrology! See you in Class!

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