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Decade Ahead Special Horoscopes NOW AVAILABLE FOR SALE! 🌟

👐 Welcome to the Decade Ahead Special Horoscopes! 🌟

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This is a decade that, right out of the gate, will change the world! The notable conjunction of Capricorn and Saturn in mid January 2020 will mark a turning point for us as a collective, a moment of truth in our individual lives, and deep transformation. Late 2020 features what the ancients called “The Great Conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn in Air sign Aquarius, symbolizing fast changes, with new people and paradigms of power. From there, slowly but surely, we go from the grounded emotion of Earth and Water, to the creative inventiveness of Fire and Air, as one by one the outer planets move into new signs. This decade is what some have said is the start of the age of Aquarius, and a new phase for humanity. 💖♒

💻 Stay tuned for a video that explores the collective trends ahead, next month on my YouTube channel.

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