Astrology and Health

It is amazing how health challenges can come up and teach us so much. They can inspire us to take better care of ourselves and to honour this body that is our home for this lifetime. I have been thinking lately about my health. A recent, and in retrospect slight, setback, has forced me to evaluate the role that my health plays in my life. I have learned in this brief time that without health, none of my other successes matter. Without good health, it is hard to enjoy anything, especially my experience in the world.

It is perhaps significant that in astrology our health can also have clear indications. When considering our health, and particularly what astrology can indicate regarding our health, the first place an astrologer is likely to look is 6th house.

Traditionally, the 6th house is your health, and what you do to take daily preventative measures to insure good health. We want to consider the cusp sign and any planets that are placed within this house, either at birth, by transit, or progression. We would also want to consider the 6th house’s ruling planet, and how it is operating within a chart.

The sign of the 6th house will be significant in explaining how a person approaches their health. Each sign rules different parts of the body, so the sign placement can indicate the types of issues that will ask for attention.

Here is a list of sign rulerships to different parts of the body:

Aries: head, particularly the forehead
Taurus: neck, upper back, and in particular the shoulders
Gemini: arms and hands
Cancer: The digestive system, chest and breasts
Leo: Heart
Virgo: intestines and lower stomach
Libra: middle of the back, kidneys, and the centre of gravity for the body
Scorpio: reproductive organs, hips and lower back
Sagittarius: thighs
Capricorn: knees and the skeleton structure
Aquarius: nervous system, shins, calves, and ankles
Pisces: feet

The planets in the 6th house are also important, and the conversations they are having with other planets can indicate where our strengths and challenges are. For example, a planet with many hard aspects would indicate opportunities to take responsibility and grow through challenges. Easy aspects would suggest where we can take for granted how blessed we are. Natal planets represent a life pattern. Planets by transit or progression can speak to lessons that are here for a time and will eventually pass.

Here is a list of how planets in the 6th house could be affecting your health:

Sun: Much of your identity is found in honouring your body and taking care of yourself. When you forget this, life can seem to fall apart around you. Make taking care of you first and life is experienced more pleasantly.

Moon: Changes occur frequently. Much of your joy comes from being “in your body” and feeling your presence within. Circulation of blood equals circulation of joy. You feel better about your entire life experience when you are feeling good physically.

Mercury: You may spend a lot of time thinking about what you can do about your health, talking about it with others, and considering how to make it better. You are likely to be analytical when considering your health. Working with written affirmations could be very beneficial.

Venus: You love pleasure and feeling great. Comfort and luxury may make you sedentary. Focusing on how good it feels to be healthy, and the pleasure you can derive from a great state of physical health, is the way to turn this to your advantage.

Mars: You are driven to take care of your health. Problems related to an excess of heat, such as boils and rashes in areas of the body related to the sign placement of Mars in your 6th house, can occur if you don’t exert this powerful energy through vigorous exercise. Great energy is available to you that you feel within. A very good placement for an athlete.

Jupiter: You may enjoy very good health in your lifetime. You can take a very philosophical view to honouring your body and incorporate that in your life. There is a lot of healing energy available to you should any issues arise.

Saturn: Early challenges, particularly before the age of 30, can occur. You are driven to take care of yourself physically out of a feeling of insecurity. Once you put the fears aside you take greater responsibility for your health. Great benefits are available to you through your persistent and diligent effort.

Uranus: Drastic changes occur with your health. Problems strike suddenly and unexpectedly and can just as quickly vanish.

Neptune: There may be confusion as to the source and cause of any health problems that occur. Misdiagnoses are possible. Your physic state is intimately connected with your health.

Pluto: You are likely to experience a complete reversal in your health situation in your lifetime. Early health challenges can lead you to take control and to take care of yourself. It is through your physical body that you find your power.

Astrology has been defined as a symbolic understanding of interpreting our world. Health can be a metaphor for how we interact with ourselves, and therefore with our daily world. It is here where things happen at a cellular level, movement happens within our bodies. That in turn affects how we live our lives. The 6th house rules not only our health, but also our daily environment, including our work environment. Our daily rituals, including preventative measure we take to ensure good health, and how we go about interacting with our everyday environment, all fall within the domain of the 6th house.

As we honour our daily environment and take greater responsibility for our lives, good health can often be a by-product. Sometimes that is easy to say to a person who is experiencing a health crisis. Sometimes just the awareness as to what is going on, as indicated through planetary aspects, and working with these factors can be a consolation. Cultivating awareness and putting into practice a few small preventative steps, that utilize the opportunities in your chart, can have huge long-term benefits.

I know the lists I provided have been greatly simplified and do not consider factors such as how a planet is operating within the sign it is in; there are many nuances you may find as you continue to explore what the signs and planets symbolize within a body. This list can be a starting point as you begin to inquire into your body and learn more about what it needs from you. It would be wise not only to consider the 6th house when addressing a question related to health, but also to consider the 1st house. The 1st house rules our overall vitality and our general outlook on life. This can have a huge influence on our health. It is wise to take both into consideration.

Honouring ourselves and taking good care of the body we inhabit is a part of this journey of a lifetime.

Wishing you great health today!

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