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Written with Nadiya’s encouraging and spiritual approach on each page, The Universe is Wise and Loving roots you in an understanding of the Nodes as guide posts on your journey towards greater love and greater wisdom. We will go through the sign/house placement of your Nodes in the first part, and then we will go through each of the planets and Chiron, to explore aspects to the nodes, whether natally or by transit.

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1. The Nodes in Astrology Class $35 Value

“The Nodes are primary in prediction and also in understanding your pathway forward towards fulfilling your true life’s potential. Some indications are here for the emotional space your entered this life with, and also whom you could most be in your highest understanding. This class will explore the nodes of the Moon, looking at sign and house placements, as well as the role of planets conjunct in the natal or transiting charts. We will be looking at how to identify key planets by chart rulerships, and how their conjunctions to the nodes denote major turning points in a life, or major soul contracts with others”

2. Changing of the Nodes from Cancer-Capricorn and into Gemini-Sagittarius Class $35 Value

According to the great 11th Century astrology Al’Buruni the nodes are considered exalted in this placement, able to bring forward their best qualities. We will be looking at what this move means for the collective as well as for each sign.

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Prayers to the Sky - To Know and To Love the Astrological Planets More Deeply

The Body & The Cosmos

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12 Meditations From The Book "The Body & The Cosmos"


It is my intention that as you listen to these meditations they will guide you and remind you of the beautiful ways your personal journey towards greater Love and greater Wisdom may unfold, and make you reflect upon the expansive and intimate connection with all of the cosmos that you share!

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Astrology Realized

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