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– Access to 10 classes, a month apart, at the Full Moon, to perform a small ritual and illustrate the lessons in the book together. These online events will normally last about 30 minutes and are designed to help you ask any questions you may have about the planet for that month, and to be part of a safe space to practice, pray, and meditate together. Downloads available to those who can’t join live- priced $60 for the Season Pass.

* This all access class pass is only available to people who either buy the advance hard copy book from me, or who purchase the pass. It will not be available to those who pre-order the book through Amazon.  

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The Body & The Cosmos


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12 Meditations From The Book "The Body & The Cosmos"


It is my intention that as you listen to these meditations they will guide you and remind you of the beautiful ways your personal journey towards greater Love and greater Wisdom may unfold, and make you reflect upon the expansive and intimate connection with all of the cosmos that you share!

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