Living in Alignment

I have been thinking lately about what it means to live in alignment. I once had a mentor, years ago, say to me “you want to get to the point in your life where you are living magically, so that rituals are no longer needed. You live a ritual constantly”. These words stayed with me.

The best thing I know about living in alignment has to do with our internal guidance system. I have heard it called our emotional GPS system. It can guide us and sustain us as we go through life’s experiences. If I am living true and honest to myself, then I would be willing to feel, willing to tune in, and trust the guidance that comes forth.

I have heard it said that it is rarely a good idea to divine for one’s self, to give yourself a reading, because your emotions and attachment to the situation that brought you to the reading will influence the interpretation of the omen every time.

If we are living in alignment, I wonder if the omen is needed. All of life can become a constant interweaving of omens. We are able to pick up the messages that are being presented to us from everything and every source. Life takes on a richness and depth of meaning, as we walk as part of the integrated whole, trusting that everything that is happening is doing so to teach us more about us individually and collectively.

Planets are a powerful omen. The sky and celestial sphere are constantly shifting and speaking. My body, as a microcosm of the greater whole, does the same. It has a language and is sending messages to me.

I remember as a child looking up at the stars. I loved what I saw. I felt those bright distant lights deep within my heart. Considering this powerful feeling, it was perhaps predictable that I would end up wanting to know and understand the stars on a symbolic level. Perhaps it was foreshadowed that I would be an astrologer. In many ways, it feels like this life has chosen me.

Living in alignment with the stars is like living in alignment with any environment I find myself in. I observe, I consider, I contemplate, and I seek a greater understanding through what I perceive. I trust that the omens are speaking to lessons that my soul either desires or is in need of learning. I seek a greater richness and depth of understanding of my spiritual path through my observations of the heavens.

It is a blessing to live in this integrated way. It is a blessing to see the world as magical, and to want to live that magic, not just practice it from time to time.

Plato has said that to observe the stars brings wisdom. That sight cultivates self-knowledge.

For me, self-knowledge brings us into alignment with what I think the Universe needs of me, and a grander dream of my life. Sometimes, with my limited perception, there is only so much I can see. But when taken from the perspective of a loving sky looking right back, something in me says that there is a plan that is greater than what I can perceive right now. This plan, this path, this unfolding intimated by the celestial sphere, can point the way to my growth and the development of wisdom.

My highest hope is that I am on that path.

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