Ophiuchus the 13th Sign. Am I still my Sun Sign?

Hello Fabulous Friends and Fans! I am getting a massive amount of messages asking about a story that has hit the airwaves and internet. A Minnesota based astronomer released a statement on the precession of the equinox, but put an interesting astrological spin on it to appeal to people. The truth is, this is not a new story. Actually, it is a regurgitated articulation What is great about this story is it is showing us how many people care about their zodiac sign and care about astrology. I think that is the most important declaration for our changing times. I can’t help but feel this is a wonderful opportunity for Spiritually, New-Age minded people, now reaching the tipping point and becoming the majority of the population, to have a chance to stand up and be counted. With all the people caring about their sign, we have a chance to see how many of us care. We are coming out of the Spiritual closet and state our belief in our connection to each other and all things.

However, allow me to address this article specifically with some of the questions I have received.

Am I still my Sun-Sign?

Yes, you are! Different astrological systems arose out of different cultures. The system reflects that culture’s beliefs about their place in the world. Western Astrology, the system I use, relies on a calculation method known as “tropical” zodiac. We in the west are very self-centered, individualism society that we are! We consider the planetary positions from our perspective, meaning, from the way they appear to us here on Earth. This perspective may fluctuate by a day or two, depending on the year, but not much more. If you are born on a cusp, you may want an astrologer to look at your chart to determine the exact sign your sun was in when you were born, hence your “Sun-Sign”. However, if you are born well within a particular sign, you can rest assured, for the purposes of Sun-Sign astrology, like the horoscopes I write, you are still your Sun Sign! Yeah!~

What is the precession of the equinox?

It’s true that the earth tilts and moves a little differently each year. This is all very scientific, but we have observed these changes slowly, over a period of thousands of years. One the first day of spring, a particular constellation will appear that morning on the Easter horizon. Right now, that constellation is Pisces, which is why we say we are in “The Age of Pisces”. It has been a time of compassion, faith, but also delusion. Like all things, there is a spectrum of how this energy is manifested in our world. Eventually, the constellation to appear will be Aquarius, hence “The Age of Aquarius.” While I will write more about the Age of Aquarius another time, for now I can say the exact date of when this age starts and what it will mean is up for debate. Its safe (well, as safe as you can be in these matters! lol) to say that we are not in The Age of Aquarius yet.

What about the 13th sign?

There are a few obscure Babylonian documents that suggest there may have been a 13th sign at some point, between the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius. Identified as possibly called “Ophiuchus”. However, like all things, astrology evolved. The signs of Sagittarius and Scorpio divided any archetype suggested by this 13th sign. I think it is more interesting to consider the number 12, and how it became a dominant spiritual number in many spiritual traditions. Astrologically speaking, for thousands of years we have organized ourselves into 12 signs. I think this fits how we have grown and our understanding of ourselves has changed. The number 12 suggests a move away from the Lunar cycles and towards a greater desire for symmetry. The 12 also speaks to the Age of Pisces, as Pisces is the 12th sign. Since we entered the Age of Pisces, the number 12 has been represented in many ways, with many spiritual leaders having 12 followers, including the 12 Apostles. Jupiter, the ancient ruler of Pisces, takes 12 years to orbit the Earth.

I share this with you to demonstrate that all systems, including astrology, evolves in response to it’s environment. Today, there are 12 signs. It is right for where we are as humanity.

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