Planet Jupiter in Astrology

The best way to explain Jupiter is to understand him as magnanimous energy. Jupiter is the Greek God Zeus, considered the most powerful figure in the sky due to his sheer size and brightness. These lines in The Homeric Hymns demonstrate his importance:
“I will sing of Zeus, the best and greatest of gods,
Far-seeing king, the accomplisher, who keeps Themis
Deep in discussion as she sits leaning towards him.
Be gracious, far seeing Kronion, greatest and most glorious”
-Diane Rayor, pg.96

As this Hymn illustrates, Jupiter is considered the greatest of all gods, such was his power and majesty. As the biggest and most magnanimous planet in the celestial heavens, Jupiter reigned over all that was “big”; from big talk to big ideas. He had the ability to see things in an expansive and optimistic manner, thereby allowing the energy of the Universe to be directed in his favour. Jupiter accomplishes great things because of his ability to view things positively. In “deep discussion”, he philosophizes and theorizes, cultivating great ideas and wisdom in the process.

When Jupiter touches another planet in the sky, the energy represented becomes merged with the other planet. The energy that is represented by the other planet grows and is infused with optimism and a belief in our abilities and potential. When Jupiter enters an area of life, or a new sector of the sky, we find ourselves wanting healing, growth, and a willingness to do the work with a positive attitude, believing that great things are possible because of our optimism. It is this optimism that allows the energy of the Universe to flow in a way that is favourable to us.

Jupiter in our charts represents a place where we seek truth and healing. It is also where we feel optimistic and we feel that we can accomplish great things. We all have the potential for greatness. Where Jupiter is can show you the area of life in which you can develop yourself, find insights that you can teach, and also a major pathway of healing. Whatever sign your birth Jupiter falls in represents how you go about your growth, your healing, and also a mode of being that can allow you to cultivate a greater sense of happiness and greater healing in your life.

When Jupiter visits by transit to a natal planet, or enters a new part of your sky, his job is to bring healing and growth, Jupiter wants you to expand your views and think bigger and better for yourself. If you have a prominent Jupiter placement in your chart, then this energy will feel welcome and right. If you fight your Jupiter by holding on to only what you know, and wanting security even if it is a false security, and refusing to change, evolve, and grow, then Jupiter can shake things up just a bit to get you moving in a more loving and positive direction. Jupiter, in its most positive aspect, can add spirituality and clarity of our personal values. In its more negative manifestations, Jupiter can make us fanatical and fundamental in our beliefs, leading us to think that we are the only one who could be right.

On the 18th of December Jupiter moves into Capricorn for a nice, long stay through the whole of 2008. Now, Jupiter loves to grow and go with the opportunities, while Capricorn energy is very much about creating an intelligent plan and following it in a diligent manner. We will all be thinking a bit more practically when it comes to our growth and our potential, and making decisions as to what we want to develop in a more pragmatic way. We will be making adjustments to find our way to our dreams and our goals. While we believe that we deserve to “get to the top”, it becomes important to do so in an ethical way. Discipline becomes the greatest virtue at this time, as is “sticking it out” and demonstrating long term belief in you. Get rich quick schemes are not in favour while Jupiter is in Capricorn. It is more about being diligent and realistic in order to create something worth having.

One of my dear friends once said to me “anything worth having is worth working for”. This saying captures what Jupiter in Capricorn is all about. We will all decide what we want and decide what we are committed to working towards. This is about walking on the earth, as opposed to having our head in the clouds. Inspiration is great, but this is about manifesting tangible results in your life.

Wherever Jupiter is in the sky for you, based on your natal chart and your sun sign, you will likely be feeling more optimistic and more blessed with the belief that things can go in your positive favour. His changes do not come in with a bang, that is Uranus’ job. Rather, we find we are feeling more joyful and noticing good things coming our way in this new area of life that Jupiter is visiting.

Working with Jupiter is great when you want to bring optimism, luck, healing, and opportunity your way. He was one of the most favoured gods to work with because of his generous nature. This is a powerful time to work with Jupiter as he makes key powerful aspects this month of December during his switch over to a new sign, and gets ready to express himself within a new energy of the zodiac.

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