Planet Mars in Astrology

Sexual instinct and raw animalistic desire that originates deep within the body.

Have I got your attention?

That’s what Mars is known for, and yeah, he’s also as the God of War. What does sex have to do with war? Perhaps everything.

When was the last time you felt passion and heat coursing through your veins? You noticed your sweat glands activate, your pupils dilate, your heartbeat increase. That feeling you had of adrenaline, drive, and the absolute masculine principal. It is the survival instinct. It is pure energy. Were you observing the object of your rage, or the object of your desire?

In times of war, whether that battle took place in a boardroom, a battlefield, or a bedroom, we have all had moments when we were required to assert our strength. That strength could be defined as physical, but likely also took on intellectual, emotional, and spiritual forms as well. It is in those moments that we are capable of such great feats that come to categorize defining moments in our lives. To the outside world, our feat may not appear so monumental at all. Internally, we know the self-respect that can be gained from perceiving a threat and rising to a challenge to prove to ourselves that we are worthy to survival. We assert ourselves. That’s Mars.

Mars is the masculine principal in its purest form. It is yang energy. The masculine principal is one of freedom, direction, focus, force, action, determination, drive, desire, and adventure. It contains the spiritual quality of acknowledging what your desire is, knowing to the core of us that you are worthy to realize and manifest those desires, feeling the strength of your own will, and directing that force towards the manifestation of your desire in assurance of its actualization. Mars, then, becomes the driving force towards self-actualization.

So lets get back to sex.

You knew I would.

Mars is also pure sexual magnetism without deliberation. The force that motivates us to self-actualize can be seen as the same energy that drives us to merge with another. It is in the merging with another on the physical level that we can feel most alive, most in contact with that animal force within us to realize our deepest, truest ambitions. Sex then becomes an unconscious pathway towards acknowledging that we have the energy, force, and will within us to actualize our dreams.

In the act of sex, we share something primal, intimate, and profound. We share an energy of immortality. Here Mars becomes the energy that has ensured the continuation of life and physical form, which is why Mars has also been associated with fertility. It is in the physical assertion of our animal instincts that we find the metaphor to assert our creative and intellectual instincts and drives. It is in our raw animalistic desire for another person that we can contact the yearning we have to merge and blend with the highest vision of ourselves.

It is also in the acknowledgement of our desire that we may contact our greatest fears and vulnerabilities as well. Perhaps this is where war also becomes a correlating factor. When exposing our fears we may become, well, frightened. In our emotional and spiritual nakedness, as mirrored with our naked bodies, our defenses may rise. These defenses may be a part of our learned survival instincts. As we expose ourselves we risk rejection and humiliation. As a way to protect ourselves from appearing weak, we may launch our own version of a missile attack. This can take the most subtle forms of holding energy back, focusing our attention only on the most base, physical aspects of ourselves, or reducing ourselves and others so that we are willing to perceive only the animalistic. These are all ways to control, and ultimately subdue, the profoundly transformative power of Mars.

We can’t discuss Mars without also bringing up the issue of Anger. Some Chinese medicinal practitioners have articulated that anger is one of the most spiritual of emotions. Without anger, we are passively blowing with the current of life. With anger, we recognize when we are off our true path. We acknowledge that we are living below our capabilities. We admit to ourselves that we are no longer in alignment with our soul’s calling. We need the absolute passion and drive of righteousness to compel us into driven action. This realization can be incredibly painful. It is the pain that supports our rage. What we do with our rage can lead to healing. Translating anger into action that is directed towards our soul’s growth and most authentic expression. Finding the passion to refuse to live a life beneath you. This is the transformative power of Mars.

Passion is the stuff of life. It is the mirror to what we care about most. What we are most passionate about we give the most energy to. We can choose to channel this energy towards truly significant developments in our lives. And of course, passion is an exalted emotion to share with another person in the embrace of physical intimacy.

It is in our most passionate moments that we work through things on an energetic, cellular level. We are not caught up in our intellect, with the concerns of what the next day may bring, with our pains of the past, or daily rituals. When we are most in touch with Mars energy we are completely and utterly in the moment. We are channeling something uncomfortable and yet divine at the same time. This energy moves through us with a fierceness that can be felt. It is heat and urgency burning through our veins in the determination to get us into the present moment. By focusing only on what is right in front of us, whether what is in front of us is an emotional threat, trigger to our deep wounds, sense of identity, or sexual ecstasy, we make the Most of Mars.

With Mars, all emotions and sentiments meld into one. We are motivated towards the direction of resolution. That resolution can come in the form of an unexpected outburst, a measured conversation, massive change in our habitual patterns, or an orgasm. With the melding of forces within us, so too do the emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and sexual all meld into one.

The sign that Mars was in at the time of birth represents our mode of being when we are kicked into primal action. Whether that action was displayed in our childhoods, as adults in time’s of stress, or in our most passionate moments of physical intimacy. The house placement represents where we instinctively focus our energy. The way that Mars speaks within us to the world and to others will characterize our interactions, whether those interactions are sexual or survival based.

Mars energy can be harnessed to work with when attributes of courage, honesty, passion, instinct, enthusiasm, sheer will, and in some cases fertility (though there are more stable energies to work with if you desire fruition) are desired to be cultivated. Mars gets you started. He is the impetus and faith to launch your desires. Mars doesn’t hold much softness to it. He’s great for going into battles of a physical nature, like competitive sports, sexual drive, and facing our deep fears with new actions, but not so great when the intellect and emotions are needed in measured quantities. The best times to work with Mars energy is when he is in a harmonious aspect to another planet that also contributes to your desired manifestations.

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