Planet Pluto in Astrology

Ah, Pluto! I love Pluto. Pluto and I have had plenty of time to get well acquainted over the past decade, and our relationship continues to grow. Pluto is one heavy hitter. A transit from Pluto to a natal planet can last up to 5 years, with the most intense period lasting about 3. One thing that can be guaranteed is that he will change you forever, so powerful is its force. Pluto first met Neptune in my chart, followed up with a visit to my Moon, and the lessons are not over yet. Now that I am experiencing the effects of the start of a Pluto to Venus transit, well, I have learned all to well why Pluto is the God of the Underworld and the God of wealth.

Pluto is the God of the Underworld. In the mythologies of every culture, in every part of the world, we have the retelling of a significant figure within the pantheon that made a choice or was required to descend to the underworld. As a result of the descent and subsequent ascent, the God, Goddess, or Deity earned knowledge and insight. What is key here is that the knowledge gave way to self-respect that could not have come about were it not for their journey. It was truly earned. Because of their travels to the underworld they grew in personal power and awareness.

Think about the underworld and all it represents. The lower qualities of what we can consider include betrayal, obsession, manipulation, mind games, revenge, senseless cruelty, suffering, violence, abuse, and sadism. Heavy stuff, and yes, negative stuff. Now think of the positive qualities of the underworld. These include rebirth, regeneration, renewal, complete reversals, fundamental changes, spiritual transformation, the occult, the hidden, life’s mysteries, forgiveness, sex, intimacy, and shared resources. These are all very complex, substantially rewarding, and sometimes opposing qualities.

If you consider that in any moment we have the choice to forgive a wrong or seek revenge, and that these choices are most often made in our most intimate relationships, then these associations make more sense. What I especially love about Pluto (yes, I said I love Pluto, again!) is that he is responsible for so much growth.

What is also interesting is that, in Roman mythology, Pluto is the God of Wealth. Perhaps the association with wealth goes back to the self-knowledge and self respect that we earn through our interactions with him. Perhaps as God of Wealth he reminds us that no matter how painful or intense an experience may appear at the time, there is always something priceless to be gained from it.

Pluto rules the sign of Scorpio. He represents some of the major lessons in this life for people born under this sign. Even if you are not born under the Sun sign of Scorpio, Pluto still impacts you and represents transformation and change for all of us.

Where Pluto resides in our chart is a place we are likely to see complete reversals in our life. We are driven to dig deep and uncover the hidden motivations and completely transform that area of our life over the course of our lifetime. One very interesting interpretation of the astrological Pluto considers his influence in terms of Karma and our soul’s growth. Where Pluto is in our charts represents a pronounced need of the soul to grow in and understand that area.

We can choose to be vindictive and manipulating, thereby accessing the lower aspects of the Pluto vibration. Choosing this path can lead to a “fall from grace”. What the real impetus here is to completely transform this area from what we may have understood it to be in our childhood or previous lives. We can choose to consciously aim to access the higher, transformative, and rebirthing vibration of Pluto. We can choose to work towards measured growth and tremendous self respect gained from this area of life, over the course of our lifetime. By digging deep, getting very honest with ourselves, and seeking the deeper, hidden meaning to this area of life we can gain enormous personal power.

A transiting Pluto is like a forest fire. It heats things up, seems to destroy everything in its path, but then there’s the calm after the fire. You realize that the fire was needed to allow the forest to grow in a fresh and renewed way. The fire was needed so that a stronger, more resilient forest could be birthed. The fire was needed so that the seeds that will now grow can do so with a fresh awareness of themselves and the more authentic direction they desire to move towards. It is in the direction of the pure, illuminating, healing sun. As if for the first time.

Whatever planet or area of life he touches goes through the life- death- rebirth cycle. It is that place in our chart that is ready to lose a lot of deadweight, have only the most intense experiences, and be deeply, profoundly healed. Through the pain of it, the wealth will come.

With a Pluto transit to a key point or planet in our chart we are likely to attract people into our lives who represent the area being activated in order to resolve past karmic issues. These people may present themselves to us to make us aware of what it is that needs to be healed within us and what we need to let die. Some astrologers consider these people to be part of sacred contracts, people we previously agreed to meet in this lifetime so that they could help facilitate the growth of our soul when it is needed most.

The way a message is delivered can vary depending on the type of aspect Pluto is making. An easy trine or sextile will allow those messages to come in ways that we are more willing to receive. The harder squares, oppositions, or quincunxes cause the person to come and go, and through the pain of their absence, and our willingness to learn from the experience, our soul benefits. A conjunction of Pluto to a natal planet can be described as a “moth to a flame”. The draw and compelling nature of the other person, and the intensity of the attraction, regardless of whether that attraction is romantic, platonic, or familiar, has us voluntarily jumping into the fire. We are on a hunt for experiences that address the intense need of the soul. During a conjunction, it appears to us that the other person is jumping right in with us, though their charts may not necessarily indicate so. Regardless of the type of transit being made, choices can be made that are considered and as loving as possible, so that any karmic past can be neutralized and resolved and therefore not have to be repeated in this life or another.

Pluto is great to work with to add intense energy to our intentions. The important thing here is to consciously choose to access the higher, transformative aspects of this energy. Pluto’s energy is complex and can bring a myriad of manifestations that reflect what the true motivations are behind the intentions we put forth. Since Pluto represents the life, death rebirth cycle, and wants the rebirth to be more authentic and pure than what was before, clarity and direction become imperative to consider.

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