Planet Saturn in Astrology

I love Saturn. Does that surprise you? Yes, I am in love with each planet, dwarf planet, asteroid, and celestial body. They represent some of our first understandings of the Goddesses and Gods and their unique, sacred energies. The planets also symbolize the wonderful potential within us all and the soul lessons that are unique to each of us individually and collectively.

That’s a lot to love.

Add to that one misunderstood and often feared sacred energy, Saturn.

Saturn is the great karmic teacher. This can be one heavy dose of realism. Mythologically, Saturn was the God of old age. What are some attributes attributed to aging? Persistence, determination, prudence, trail and error, learning through patience, restrictions, reality, limitations, authority figures, creating and sticking to a plan, “slow and steady wins the race”, healing our fears, and ultimately, through your own successes, failures, and experiences, wisdom and self-respect.

Some astrologers see Saturn as a vice, but I think it depends on how you have dealt with Saturn all along. In a person’s chart, Saturn can represent heavy karma you are here to work out in this lifetime, your Achilles heel, where we want to be respected, and the area of life that we get a chance to gain tremendous self-respect by over-coming fear.

That is sacred energy.

What I have found is that, wherever Saturn finds itself in your natal chart, yes, we feel restriction and all the heaviness already mentioned. But on a soul level, we know that our most valuable lessons and most significant growth will be found in that direction. On a soul level, we feel compelled to pursue the lessons of the area and sign our Saturn is in over this lifetime. Where Saturn is visiting via transit in our Natal, Solar, or Solar Return chart, we find ourselves attracting and actively pursuing lessons in that area. If you have always shown responsibility and maturity in that area, then Saturn can bring tangible rewards. If, like most of us, you have been learning as you go, then Saturn can bring hard realism that can knock us off our feet. But we are compelled to learn. We persist even when we would rather escape. By the end of the transit, the rewards start showing up, and truly become evident shortly after Saturn has left that part of our sky.

What I love most about Saturn is that he shows us who we really are in the cold, harsh, and inescapable light of reality. Who we are demonstrating, who we are actualizing, who we are indicative of through our actions, words, and even thoughts in the world on the most practical, everyday level. They say faith without works is dead, and it is in the works, or our everyday actions, that we show ourselves and show the world who we really are. As such, Saturn then represents our legacy and destiny. It is in the mundane that we create and recreate who we are. It is in the practical that we leave an impression that makes a contribution to the world.

Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn. He represents some of the major lessons in this life for people born under this sign. Even if you are not born under the Sun sign of Capricorn, Saturn still impacts all of us, representing persistent effort and opportunities to earn our own self-respect.

Saturn’s energy is great to work with when we need to see the cold hard truth, regardless of the consequences. When you need to connect to practical reality, create tangible results on the earth plane, or create an appreciation of the steps needed towards an ambition. Saturn is very grounded energy, very realistic, and very measured. If we have been traveling extensively on astral planes, as rewarding as that may be, Saturn can help bring those lessons back and utilize them to create a better life in our earthly, physical reality. Saturn is most priceless for its gift of self-awareness and self-respect. Always a blessing.

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