Planet Uranus in Astrology

Uranus is an interesting energy to visit with. The Greek Sky- God, who impregnated Earth- Goddess Gaia as her son/ lover, with bolts of thunder. Thunder seems the right visual when considering just how Uranus likes to operate in its quest to bring us into alignment with ourselves. Messages from Uranus are just like thunder; quick, sudden, powerful, with lots of lights and noise. There’s nothing quiet about taking us off the dark path of predictable compromise to stark, bright, honest, unexpected light.

The wonderful ways a harmonious Uranus event works is that a pleasant surprise, unexpected circumstance, or sudden feeling comes to us. We recognize the Universe is attempting to get us to a more significant, deeper, more authentic level of freedom. Some aspects of our conditioning, like the lies we have been led to believe, get striped away. It’s like being washed clean. We are grateful for the sudden insight for we are now able to live lives more worthy of us and more in line with our Divine within. Freed from what others think and the bonds that held us back, we can now walk lighter, more in line with living true to our hearts desires and expression.

To live true to us, and the voice of the Divine within us, is to truly be a revolutionary spirit. It is a revolution because it is so rare. It is rare to find examples of people who are constantly checking in with themselves, searching to bring their decisions into alignment with the Divine with the intention of living a magickal life.

Most of us are pushing. We push to manifest what we desire. Push to make others fall into the role we have created for them in our lives. Push to make things work the way that perhaps our ego would dictate.

Visits from Uranus bring with them the chance to get honest and get free in the area he touches. The area of life being visited is asking for liberation. We are being asked to let go of the past and what we thought we knew in favor of a new vision. The light of thunder may blind us for a brief moment so that at first we don’t see what that vision is. But our willingness to allow it to be revealed is soon met if we set the intention. What we make of this time can depend on our willingness. Embracing the change can get us to experiencing greater levels of freed energy than we knew before. Holding onto history will only prolong the pain of the past.

The more difficult ways a Uranus transit operates brings with it an uncomfortable, even painful, thrust towards freedom. We don’t want to let go. We resist the change. The Universe, in all its love and wisdom, is trying to show us a higher vision of what we could be if we would only allow it, but its just too hard to accept that vision because it seems to contradict the ideal we may have previously created. Sometimes the discomfort comes from within. At other times the inner conflict manifests as challenging outward events.

There is a shadow side to how we may express Uranus in our lives. When we are not allowing ourselves to make the internal changes that are being asked of us then we manifest erratic changes on outward, superficial levels.

To live true to oneself is a true rebellion. It goes against the widespread pressure in our society to conform. In this way Uranus is anti-conformity when to conform is to compromise our soul’s calling. But when we don’t live lives truly worthy of us, truly trusting our internal wisdom, then we may rebel in superficial ways. We may focus on outward manifestations of “being different” for no reason other than to “be different”. There is a difference between presenting ourselves to the world in a way that makes us feel comfortable and presenting ourselves to the world in a way that speaks of the determination to set ourselves apart. Only we can know the true motivations for our own actions.

Rebellion for rebellions sake, revolution in the world because its easier than facing the revolution that is asking to take place within, and idolizing the avant-garde simply because it is new are examples of the shadow side of Uranus.

Where Uranus is in your chart, that’s where the potential and pathways lie to free us of limiting conditioning that has gotten in the way of living in alignment with the most magickal, authentic life we can embody in this lifetime. It is where we decided, on a soul level, to find our avenue towards understanding what freedom means. It is here that we work to release the limiting messages we have received in this, and other, lifetimes so that we may learn the true measure of our power. It is in this area of life that we can express absolute creative genius and be blessed with exceptional insights.

Working with Uranus is interesting and can have varied implications. When seeking liberation, cultivating the desire to “let go” of something that no longer serves us, or seeking guidance towards a new path to reveal itself are all times when working with this Sky- God can be beneficial. The Sky being expansive and limitless can bring all kinds of surprises. Being that this energy can be as erratic as the thunder in its quest to unbound us, the best times to work with Uranus are when he is in harmonious aspect to other planets in the sky or in our charts. Be prepared for startling manifestations towards the intention stated, and for the intentions to exhibit in vastly extraordinary ways.

With Uranus currently in Pisces until the end of the decade we are, as a collective, being asked to create new correlations between compassionate expression and personal freedom. Together we are finding new avenues of brilliance brought about by exploring the symbols in our dreams, shedding light on our unconscious habits, and becoming aware of the instinctive behaviors that sabotage our conscious intentions. Together we are reaching for a more idealized, mystic vision of what a benevolent revolution can be.

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