Planet Venus in Astrology

Let’s talk about Venus, goddess of love. Each mythology from around the world has a Venus- like symbol, a Goddess who represents fertility and love. She has been known by different names depending on the pantheon and culture she represents. Some include the Greek Aphrodite, The Etruscan Turan, the Aztec Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, the Mayan Kukulcan, the Norse Frejya, the Sumerian Inanna, and the Vedic Ushas.

Venus is known as a “personal planet”. She moves fast and touches on aspects of our daily lives. Venus is the Goddess we associate with love, charm, flirtation, personal magnetism, beauty, adornment, jewelry and clothing, gifts, self-esteem, self-love, possessions, money, social events, parties, and good times. To some extent she even represents how we express ourselves artistically. Wherever Venus is in your chart is where you express the ”smooze” side of you, where you are likely to attract mates, and express your more loving nature. A natal chart can show you your permanent love-nature modus-operand during this lifetime and a can reveal a major pathway to self-awareness and learning. By knowing your love nature you can work with it. By being honest with yourself and aware of how you attract you can work with your style to attract more of your desires.

Attraction is a huge factor with Venus. In portraits she is often conceptualized as laying back, being receptive, and letting the good things come to her. She represents fertility and the feminine principal. She is filled with grace, manners, and knows the proper etiquette in the part of our lives she touches.
There is an interesting thing to note here about attraction. Many times attraction isn’t simply a matter of what we draw to us, but what we perceive we are drawing to us. Our projections are powerful. The projections we are allowing to emanate from us and the projections we are placing on to external people, places, and things. What we attract is therefore, to a large extent, dependant on what we project. How people choose to perceive us is largely due to the way they are projecting their inner Venus onto us. This is particularly true in romantic interactions, where so much communication takes place between people on unconscious, energetic levels.

Awareness is significant when addressing Venus energy. What we look for in a mate and how we choose to see those qualities in others, even when they are not there, is one way we can use Venus to help us become more aware, more conscious, and more responsible people. Strive for honesty beyond the mystique that Venus can contribute to. Now, some mystique is important when seeking to attract. It helps the wheels of courtship flow more smoothly and enjoyably. But the mystique wears off. When the illusions we create when looking into another’s eyes fade, what you have left is partnership and honestly learning about yourself through the perceptions of another.

Neptune is considered the higher vibration of Venus and contributes to the illusions much more. But Venus is still significant in helping us learn about our projections and us. We can use our projections to our advantage when we need to call on our own brand of charm. But Venus can also be used negatively, when we choose to create a facade at the expense of honestly expressing ourselves.

Knowing someone else’s Venus placement can give us clues into what they look for in a mate, what attracts them, how they attract, and how they express their authentic love nature. While Mars and Eros are better indicators of someone’s sexual expression, Venus is the softness of love and charm.

When Venus retrogrades the key question we are asking ourselves is “Do I love it?” if the answer is no, we will let it go. Venus Retrograde is also a great time to consider our romantic past and forgive what we need to so we can move on. Since Venus rules beauty, its not a good time to change your hair or wardrobe style, and don’t even think about getting a tattoo or plastic surgery at this time.

Venus is the ruling planet of Libra and Taurus. She represents some of the major lessons in this life for people born under those signs. Even if you are not one of these signs, Venus still impacts you and represents growth and gifts for all of us.

Venus is great energy to work with when you want to soften a situation. Venus has a way of making things more pleasurable and easier to deal with. She also lends herself to attracting anything that represents pleasure, whether that’s money, beauty, social invitations, and of course, love. Venus is always seen “laying back” and allowing things to come to her. When working with her energy, it becomes important to surrender your intentions once they have been stated. Trust that once the energy has been put out their, your desires will manifest themselves on their own and find their way to you.

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