Astrological Magic – Celestial Magic Package



This Package Includes 3 Classes on Astrological Magic  (Save $15)

1) Astrological Magic (Achieving Your Intentions with Astrology)

Astrology and Magic have an intertwined history. It has long been understood that aligning your desires with the astrological symbols of the moment can bring you closer to them. Seeking help from the Universe, through astrology, is part of our tradition as well. This class will explore some introductory principals and practices of Astrological Magic, as well as insights into achieving our aims.

2) Astrological Magic Part 2: Planetary Magic

This class builds on the previous class where we explored historical and philosophical foundation of modern astrological magic, as well as some basics of New Moon and Full Moon magic. Part 2 will be more practical, and will explore what some key myths of each planet as divinity. We will explore what these divine manifestations can tell us about tapping into this energy towards manifesting our intentions. Suggested correspondences, like colours, stones, and herbs, will also be included.

3) Astrological Magic Part 3: The Magic in Your Natal Chart

This Class builds on the class of the previous classes in astrological magic. We will examine the natal chart for key insights into finding your unique approach to ritual, ceremony, and manifesting your intentions. We will explore the significance of the 6th and 8th Houses, the sign on the cusp and any planets within these houses, and their ruling planets in your natal chart, for insights unique to you, as how to best approach your magical practice.

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