Intermediate Astrology Classes: Further Your Skills Package



This Package Includes 6 Intermediate Astrology Classes To Further Your Astrological Skills (Save $35)

Take these classes after taking the classes in the 3 Foundational Classes Package: Foundations to Astrology For Beginners Package Foundations to Astrology Part 2: Further Insights Package and Foundations to Astrology Part 3: Empowerment Journey

1) Secondary Charts

An overview of Progressions, Solar Return Charts, Lunar Return Charts, Relocations Charts, and how it lends to Prioritisation and Synthesis.

The natal chart is always the starting point, from there we have a variety of techniques. This class will touch on some of the major secondary techniques used in astrology, and how they can be added to and synthesized for a more thorough interpretation.

2) Progressions: The Phases of Life, the Evolution of a Lifetime

There are phases of emotional developments for all us. Ways in which we grow and change. At times these are changes we build on, and others that describe a period of time in our life. This class will explore the intermediary predictive technique known as Progressions to chart major life events. We will take special consideration of the progressed moon and sun, as they change signs, houses, and conjunction natal chart points.

3) Past Lives in the Astrology Chart

Who have you been before, and where have you been? Would you like to explore some themes that may be showing up in your life today, and where you might be heading? There are karmic themes and past life archetypes that show in the chart. This class will how you where to look to discover where your soul has been, and how to embrace the present day. Topics such as the role of the 12th house cusp, its ruling planet, and the special role of Neptune play in understanding past lives.

4) Synastry and Composite Charts

An overview of Progressions, Solar Return Charts, Lunar Return Charts, Relocations Charts, and how it lends to Prioritisation and Synthesis.

How your planets speak to another’s speak volumes about how you resonate and the nature of the connection. This Class will focus on key connections our charts can make to others and how to interpret these symbols. We will also examine how a relationship itself can represent an entity of its own, represented in composite charts, and how traits and progressions to the chart can tell us what is to become of the relationship and more.

5) Childhood In The Astrology Chart

While Astrology can often help us to predict future tendencies and opportunities, one powerful way to connect with a new chart is to look at what was. This class will focus on astrological indicators of early childhood experiences, and our perception of our main caregivers, like our mother and father. From this, we will be able to cultivate a greater sense of compassion for what was, and empower greater self-knowledge and choices as we move forward.

6) Introduction to Electional Astrology

The Perfect moment for a wedding or a launch of a business is often a reason to consult with an astrologer. This class will introduce Electional Astrology, the branch and skill of finding the perfect astrological moment, to serve as a “Natal Chart” for this brand new beginning, relaunch, or announcement. We will consider sign and planet rulerships of different types of industries. We will focus largely on the importance of the Moon, and aspects to it, as key to fulfillment of your goals.

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