Love Astrology Package



This Package Includes 6 Classes on Relationship Astrology  (Save $35)

1) When You Find Love

Love, and wanting to know more about it, is one of the surest things to make astrology come alive. If relationships are fated, then it should be indicated by the stars. By popular demand, I will have 2 love focused lessons. This is the first, is looking at what transits take place in a natal chart that indicate the start of a relationship, and what kind of relationship it will be.

2) You in Love

How can you create greater opportunities in love? One way is to know what you need. Another, is to work with who you are to get what you truly want. This class examines your relationship style within a natal chart, and how to use who you are to cultivate greater luck in love.

3) Chemistrology: The Astrology of Attraction, Love, and Sex

Have you ever met someone and felt instantly entranced, almost propelled towards them? Of course, we all have! There are astrological markers for when you, as an individual would meet someone like this. There are also specific planetary conversations that take place between your planets and another person. This class will explore synastry charts, also called relationship astrology, for specific aspects that speak to a strong reaction and attraction.

4) Synastry and Composite Charts

An overview of Progressions, Solar Return Charts, Lunar Return Charts, Relocations Charts, and how it lends to Prioritisation and Synthesis.

How your planets speak to another’s speak volumes about how you resonate and the nature of the connection. This Class will focus on key connections our charts can make to others and how to interpret these symbols. We will also examine how a relationship itself can represent an entity of its own, represented in composite charts, and how traits and progressions to the chart can tell us what is to become of the relationship and more.

5) Astrological Signatures Of Long Term Love

I’ve spoken extensively and done previous classes about instant attraction and passion, most notably in my most popular class “Chemistrology”. Not all love though is fast and immediate. There are also relationships that last a long time. These relationships have their own astrological signatures, which denote stability and security. Friendship is another marker of a long term, long lasting relationship, as is practical necessity, fidelity, and more. This will explore the various markers of a long lasting relationship, and what makes two people committed and faithful.

6) Changing Bonds: Using Astrology to Transform Difficult Relationships

Our relationships will serve as constant catalysts for our most profound spiritual learning. Healing our bonds with others can be some of the most rewarding spiritual work of a lifetime. We will attract people into our lives who can facilitate our deeper, karmic growth, so that we may use this lifetime well and become our best selves. This class will examine some aspects in the Synastry that indicate a challenging bond, and how people can use them to facilitate each others growth with care and consideration.

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