Spiritual Astrology – Self Awakening Package



This Package Includes 6 Classes on Spiritual Astrology  (Save $35)

1) Past Lives in The Astrology Chart

Who have you been before, and where have you been? Would you like to explore some themes that may be showing up in your life today, and where you might be heading? There are karmic themes and past life archetypes that show in the chart. This class will how you where to look to discover where your soul has been, and how to embrace the present day. Topics such as the role of the 12th house cusp, its ruling planet, and the special role of Neptune play in understanding past lives.

2) Fortitude and Faith: The Astrology of Cultivating A Personal Connection with Your Higher Power

We each have our own way understanding what we consider The Divine, or our own Higher Self. This class will delve into the astrology of faith, and provide insights into what type of unique expression of a Higher Power would best strengthen faith in times of change and challenge. These insights can be used personally or to guide those going through times of spiritual growth and inquiry.

3) Moments of Change: Astrology To Illuminate Times of Personal Transformation

Carl Jung Believed that all life was a constant cycle between Crisis, Chaos and Calm. A life well lived will go through these cycles at time, to help us cultivate the inner strength and spiritual agility that only change can bring.  This class will examine natal charts of those who go through more challenges, and how they used the strengths in their natal chart to grow through them.

4) A Time To Be Free: Transits That Bring Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a deeply personal and nuanced act. It may sometimes come on as a burst of clarity that brings great cleansing. At other times, it is a slow and deliberate process, which is often solitary. This class will examine how different transits indicate the opportunity to forgive, and how to make the most of them.

5) Forgiveness (Further Astrological Insights)

This class builds on the previous class where we explored the best ways to explore forgiveness from an astrological perspective. With the truly challenging times we are in the midst of, personally and collectively, it is forgiveness that allows us to be truly free, loving, and useful to people in the world. We will be going sign by sign and planet by planet, to explore what forgiveness looks like and feels like for you, and your best strategies toward it.

6) Life Purpose in the Astrology Chart

Life Purpose is an elusive, evolving question. It is also one of the top questions asked of any astrologer, including myself. This class will explore what I call the “Big Six” as part of living a life filled with optimism, peace, purpose, and success. We will go through each of the symbols and explore their meaning, as part of synthesizing a chart towards feeling more and more like we are living in alignment with a higher purpose for our lives.

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