Synchronicity University Equinox Event March 21, 2020 $70


This Package Includes Full Access to the 2 Classes + Bonus Opening Party of the Synchronicity University Equinox Event March 2020!

1) Celebrating Saturn in Aquarius Bonus Opening Party!

And then: Saturn In Aspect: To Planets and Points 

I will first answer your questions related to the Saturn in Aquarius video, that will be on Youtube before the start of the class, before moving on to the official class 

Saturn in Aspect builds on the free series’ of videos, currently available on Youtube, “Saturn in The Astrology Chart”. This class will expand on key myths that help us understand natal aspects and transits of Saturn. This class will go through the planets one at a time, to explore what easy and hard transits to Saturn say about your own experiences with this powerful energy. 

If you haven’t watched the free series on Saturn on Youtube yet, we strongly recommend you gain a foundational look into Saturn here:

Date: March 21, 2020

Time: 2pm EST

2) Chiron in the Astrology Chart

Chiron is known as The Wounded healer, and is a strong symbol for how it is that we become healers in the world. Chiron in an astrology chart has many ways in which we actually heal the parts of us we think never will, find alternative and more embodied way to become integrated and whole, and in the process, find the thing that makes us immortal, just as Chiron did. This class will explore some key myths surrounding Chiron, and what it tells us about his astrological implications. We will go with Chiron through each of the signs and houses so that you can understand your Chiron more deeply. 

Date: March 21, 2020

Time: 6 pm EST

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