The Universe is Wise & Loving by Nadiya Shah (International)


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Astrology is, at its root, intimately tied to the development and evolution of human spiritual understanding. It is a living tool, adapting to the culture it finds itself in, in order to best serve the people who use it. Our orientation to the sky represents how we understand ourselves as human beings, our power and our potential. Astrology has been made stronger and been expanded on by every culture and religion, ancient, historical, or contemporary. Whether past, present, or future, when we practice astrology, we are part of them all. 

One of the key concepts of the 11th century Sufi mystic and astrologer Ibn’ Arabi, was what he called ‘The Magnificent Breath’. Arabi believed that we are the breath of the divine. He said that every emotion, fear, longing, or elation that we feel is another way that the creator knows itself more fully. And if we had not been there to experience that exact feeling, then that breath could not be complete without us. What Arabi called God, was actually an energy that lived, breathed, was strengthened, and grew through our lived human experience. What we call God is the entirety, and the best that humanity can be. What Arabi called God, I came to call Love and Wisdom. 

The planets speak to what we want, why we want it, and how we go about getting it. Additionally, all planets have nodes. The North Node, or Ascending Node, speaks to The most Northerly point in the ecliptic that the planet will travel in the sky. The most Southern point is represented by the South Node, or Descending Node. The nodes are not physical bodies in the sky, but are considered chart points representing the most ascending and descending point in the ecliptic for that planet. Symbolically, we have come to understand the nodes as speaking to the higher, spiritual intention of that planet. 

The Moon represents what we need to be at peace with ourselves. The Moon is how we go about seeking and reaching emotional equilibrium. The Nodes of the Moon are the most widely used planetary nodes in astrology. The Moon is the conscious part of us that has learned, through demonstration and nurturance, what home and comfort looks and feels like. But the nodes of the Moon are more profound. They speak to how it is that the Moon desires to align us with a wise and loving Universe. It is as if the ancients understood that honoring the higher intention of the part of us that seeks peace, is a powerful pathway towards honoring the spiritual intuition of this lifetime, which is always to embody Love and Wisdom, more and more fully. 

Written with Nadiya’s encouraging and spiritual approach on each page, The Universe is Wise and Loving roots you in an understanding of the Nodes as guide posts on your journey towards greater love and greater wisdom. We will go through the sign/house placement of your Nodes in the first part, and then we will go through each of the planets and Chiron, to explore aspects to the nodes, whether natally or by transit