Understanding Transits and Prediction – Interpretative Astrology Package



This Package Includes 6 Classes To Understand Transits and Predictions (Save $35)

1) Aspects and Transits

This is where we find the chart begins to come alive, as we take the learning of the last 2 classes and now put it together and consider how planets speak to each other, and what that says about how the chart integrates and represents you as a whole person. The major aspects, minor aspects, and major configurations in a birth chart will be discussed. We will then go on to discuss how transits to planets and chart points to the natal chart help us understand growth and make predictions. This will complete the series of the first 3 classes, providing a solid platform from which to grow and experiment with more intermediate and advanced techniques.

2) Solar Return – Birthday Charts

An intermediate technique that encourages you to look at the larger themes that will play out in this coming year of your life, from birthday to birthday, and to time major events that will define the year.

3) The Big Change: How Outer Planet Transits Change You

There are rare moments in life where we go through a significant process, one that changes us to the core. When this happens, you can bet that you’ve been visited by an outer planet! This class will go through the main outer planets, starting with Saturn, one at a time, for insights into how transits to personal planets change us. We will look at the different kinds of transits, from easy to more challenging, for ways in which to navigate to our advantage.

4) When You Find Love

Love, and wanting to know more about it, is one of the surest things to make astrology come alive. If relationships are fated, then it should be indicated by the stars. By popular demand, I will have 2 love focused lessons. This is the first, is looking at what transits take place in a natal chart that indicate the start of a relationship, and what kind of relationship it will be.

5) Major Cycles of Life

There are certain markers in a lifetime that happen for all of us at around the same age. Some usher in new opportunities. Others mark hard lessons. This class will go through the major astrological transits that we all go through around the same age, and explore the best ways to make the most of each one.

6) Progressions: The Phases of Life, the Evolution of a Lifetime

There are phases of emotional developments for all us. Ways in which we grow and change. At times these are changes we build on, and others that describe a period of time in our life. This class will explore the intermediary predictive technique known as Progressions to chart major life events. We will take special consideration of the progressed moon and sun, as they change signs, houses, and conjunction natal chart points.

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