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  • Autumn 2018 Synchronicity University Webinar - 4 Classes
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Welcome to the Autumn session of Synchronicity University, with all new classes I am offering 4 brand new classes to take place live, online in October 2018. Each class is over 2 hours long, and on a Saturday afternoon.

1) Money, Work and Career In The Astrology Chart with Nadiya Shah

October 6 2018 at 2pm EST

One of the most frequently asked questions comes down to Money, Work and Career. Money, being connected to survival for most people, becomes acute when we feel that there isn’t abundance. Our work helps us feel useful, a basic human need, as is our career, which helps us create a legacy that is meaningful to us. This class will explore the astrological connection between these 3 interrelated areas of life, and how to experience abundance, clarity, and purpose in all 3.

2) Life Purpose in the Astrology Chart

October 13 2018 2pm EST

Life Purpose is an elusive, evolving question. It is also one of the top questions asked of any astrologer, including myself. This class will explore what I call the “Big Six” as part of living a life filled with optimism, peace, purpose, and success. We will go through each of the symbols and explore their meaning, as part of synthesizing a chart towards feeling more and more like we are living in alignment with a higher purpose for our lives.

3) Luck and Fortune in the Astrology Chart

October 20, 2018 at 2pm EST

Luck is more than just the best day to buy a lottery ticket, but also to know what your unique lottery ticket might be. There are also optimum times to launch new endeavours, that allow you to make the most of the luck and fortune of a moment. We all have at least one area of life where the universe works overtime to bless our life. By working consciously with these symbols, we might find our journey through life feeling like luck is more on our side. This class will explore important symbols in the astrology start that speak to luck, including the Part of Fortune (PFort) and the 5th house of the astrology chart.

4) Astrological Signatures Of Long Term Love

October 27, 2018 2pm EST

I’ve spoken extensively and done previous classes about instant attraction and passion, most notably in my most popular class “Chemistrology”. Not all love though is fast and immediate. There are also relationships that last a long time. These relationships have their own astrological signatures, which denote stability and security. Friendship is another marker of a long term, long lasting relationship, as is practical necessity, fidelity, and more. This will explore the various markers of a long lasting relationship, and what makes two people committed and faithful.

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