The Astrology of the Royal Wedding

The Wedding Day

The upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton will be a livelier event than we are estimating. The sky over their nuptials indicates there will definitely be a party mood in the crowd, with many foreign to the U.K. traveling to wish the newlyweds well. However, we will get a range of passion and expression. The last thing Britain is likely to be on that day is productive. There will be reports of spontaneous proposals in the crowd as well as spontaneous protest. Security will be heightened, though it may later be criticized for being overly cautious. However, the pervading mood will be of love and fun. There will be tremendous affection for the Royal couple on their wedding day.

The wedding will be seen as short, simple, yet very beautiful. This characterization will continue into the marriage, with both bride and groom remaining mainstays on best dressed lists throughout their union. This is a pairing that will be romanticized for the ages. They will be very good at keeping what needs to be private, separate from their glamorous persona.

The moment of a wedding generates an astrological chart that defines the marriage as its own entity. There are several astrological symbols that speak significantly to an ideal wedding date. One of the most important is a strong Moon. The Moon is ‘void of course’ for much of the Royal wedding date, which means the Moon is in no significant conversations with other heavenly bodies. The Moon is what we need to feel cared for, and without the Moon communicating its needs the Royal couple may not feel personally cared for from each other. If they seal their nuptials within minutes of the 11AM invitation time, this issue is corrected. However, if they wait to be pronounced husband and wife until after 11:30AM, does that mean the couple is cursed? Of course not! We can work with anything. Chances are, they will quickly understand they have a partnership as a private couple, but the official union is not about their personal fulfillment. It’s about their representation in the public sphere and meeting the appropriate obligations.

The Royal couple will be very aware of their duties, understanding each of their roles as part of Britain’s image as a whole. The work may at times be more important than their affection for each other. They will likely have to continuously find balance between their roles to the people of the U.K. and their image abroad. The chart for their marriage does indicate pressure to begin a family as part of their responsibility and to maintain the tradition of the monarchy. There will be a sense of restraint on the wedding day, with a sense of experimentation or fun downplayed in favor of strict protocol.

There are several favorable omens in the sky suggesting a long lasting marriage which raises Britain’s profile around the world. This will be a partnership of being of service, not only to the people of Britain, but also to the entire world. The couple will be defined by several, joint humanitarian efforts. This couple will travel extensively and will be received with great enthusiasm when abroad. In fact, this wedding date indicates strong ties with foreign leaders and people from distant lands. This tendency will be doubly true for the future king. Before now, he has been seen as his mother’s son. While comparisons will always remain because Princess Diana was dearly loved in the United Kingdom and abroad, Prince William will now increasingly be seen as an independent leader in his own right. He will be recognized for his action to carve out an identity appropriate for a future king in the twenty-first century.

The Royal Couple

An astrologer will also compare the birth charts of both people in a partnership and consider how the partners interact with each other. There is a list of some classical symbols that the ancients indicated denotes a strong partnership. This relationship ticks many of the right boxes.

We can first look to their Sun Signs. Prince William is a Cancer. The Future Princess is a Capricorn. These signs are said to be a good coupling because they stand across from each other in the sky. They are opposites, and as such, this provides the first basis for attraction. Both are seeking stability, but they do so in different ways. As a Cancer, Prince William has a deep sensitivity and love of his country. He seeks security through his emotional bonds. Kate also wants consistency, but she looks to practical accomplishments to find it. The two signs help balance each other’s quest. The Capricorn shows the Cancer how to stabilize their feelings so they can find the security they seek within themselves. The Cancer helps the Capricorn discover the deeper meaning to their pursuit for respect and achievement.

Think of Venus and Mars, two planets known for their part in love. These planets in William and Kate’s charts speak to each other powerfully and with purpose. The prince is decidedly smitten and feels powerfully drawn to Kate. They share a mutual love of celebration and the good life, making for many luxurious moments. There is genuine attraction and fondness for each other. There is also a mutual commitment to stick together through the hard times.
The intensity of this bond makes it a truly fated connection, with a strong sense they will receive the kind of care and support within their relationship to help each of them grow as individuals. They are also each other’s “core-shakers”, no doubt getting butterflies in each other’s presence for a long time to come. Strong feelings can go either way, but in this case, there’s plenty of magic that keeps them seeing the best in each other.

Canada and its astrologers, including myself, wish the Royal Couple happiness on their wedding day and in their marriage.

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