The Energy of Places

I have been thinking lately about the energy of places. I know that each city and location has its own birthday, and therefore its own birth chart, that can determine its own energy field. I have also written before about relocation charts. This is when a person’s birth chart is cast with a new location in mind, to determine what types of energies will arise in a new location. While there is something to be said for how people will interact with a place based on who they are, there is also something to be said for letting a place speak to you and allowing a place to have its own voice. Much like a relationship in which two people come together, so too can we meet a city or town and appreciate that it has a soul and purpose outside of what we wish to do there or who we are as individuals.

I am reminded of this now as I travel “across the pond” and feel that I live internationally, in two cities at one time. One is a small English town, with roots that pre-date roman times. The mainly university town of Canterbury has its own date of birth, but is no doubt influenced by the people who are transiting through. From students to tourists, the fact that very few are there permanently, and most are just passing by, influences the way the city feels. A myriad of people, with their complex birth charts, create their own impermanent relationships with this town. This must have an effect on how the city of Canterbury shapes and identifies itself.

Then there is my main stomping ground, the city of Toronto. A very large urban centre, the biggest in Canada, is known for its ability to attract new immigrants. As a place that is seen ripe with economic and social potential, that many people call home for their entire lives or the beginning of their new lives, Toronto has a feel that is also its own. Sometimes I wonder if all the traffic, buildings, and millions of people block out Toronto’s inherent birth chart, its independent connection to the cosmos that exists outside the people who inhabit this land.

I bring this up in an astrology column because I think that it is our relationship to the larger world that astrology reveals. Astrology allows us an insight into how our lives have meaning and purpose by placing us in an exact place and time in relation to the planets. By casting a birth chart we can glimpse some of the key lessons that we are here to learn in this life, or some of the major themes that are likely to arise. The experience of astrology can be transformative and profound as we find that our birth, just as any birth, is no accident, and that there is rhyme and reason in our most chaotic moments.

The danger is that this can make us too self-centred. By focusing only on the journey laid out for us in our chart, we can forget that to be human is to be in relationships. As we travel through this journey of life, we may forget that there are other beings and entities that have been created for their own reasons that have nothing to do with our own. We may forget that there are millions of birth charts that we not only interact with, but also participate in there unfolding. In a world where “I think therefore I am” is the dominant motto, we may forget that much exists outside of our lonely moments of isolation and self-realization.

I am reminded of this now. Just as I trust that there is a destiny that is indicated to me in the stars, and that I fully engage with and shape that destiny with my choices, I am also reminded that the places I visit have a sacred journey of their own. They are living, breathing spaces that desire to know themselves and reveal themselves through interaction and relationships. Just as I have come to know myself better than I did before as a result of those who have loved me, perhaps this special time, where I get to love more than one place, could also leave a lasting impression on the way these cities understand the planets that speak to their soul.

What I do know is that we are blessed. I am blessed and made better for every interaction and every relationship I cultivate and give my time to. These cities are spaces that teem with life and planetary relationships that can shape me and help me know myself better than I did before.

It is a blessing to aware. It is an honour to know a city for what it is. It is liberating to acknowledge that any place on the planet can be a sacred space when its autonomy and agency is appreciated.

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