The Numerology of the Number 11

By popular request from you, my fabulous friends and fans, I am publishing this note on the upcoming special date – November 11, 2011 a.k.a. 11.11.11.

Thank you for reaching out and letting me know what you are interested in learning. I am grateful to be the facilitator of a place you feel comfortable asking your questions on matters of astrology, divination, esoteric arts, and inspiration. It is a blessing you grant me with your readership and viewership. Thank you.

We are fast approaching the mystical triple digit. We will only get one triple date next year, on December 12, 2012, and then not to be repeated for most of us in our lifetime. To me, this speaks profoundly to the indications we are moving into changing times. This is a powerful date, with the magic of intent behind it. The activities we choose on this date can be magnified manifold, especially when guided with the highest intention.

Numerology is distinct from astrology. Both are forms of esoteric arts, meaning they are interested in exploring the mysteries. Both are also based on principles of sacred geometry. Astrology stays mindful of the position of the planets as a symbolic consideration. Numerology looks at the illustration of the numbers themselves. Both are ways that we can learn more about ourselves as individuals and the integration of all things. This article focuses on the Numerology of 11 as it relates to its magnification on 11.11.11

11 is considered a master number. It possesses light and the ability to be a source of illumination, thereby amplifying our influence. Some of us may only find our current influence to be over those in our immediate sphere, while others have a larger stage. The opportunity with the 11 is to expand your influence simply with your intent. It is a number that represents magnification of what is in our heart. What you carry in your heart and mind determines what you perceive, and what you perceive determines much of what you create in your life. 11 asks us to be aware of what we put our hearts into, for it guides what becomes possible in the world. Those who demonstrate the ability to guide their own hearts are the ones with the most power. A large part of that power is simply the power to be happy and grateful for the life you have, which tends to manifest more to be grateful for.

As mentioned, 11 is also a number of reaching large groups of people, which is why it is associated with fame. When it is at its best, it is fame that has the inner belief that its voice is worthy of being shared and reaches many people in a message of kindness, love, and inter-relatedness.

If you look at the 11, you’ll see it appears like 2 people standing side by side. No one on this planet is ever an island. As much as our culture moves towards individualism, for all its benefits of self-determination and self-reliance, we all at certain times will need others to help us move towards a greater sense of our independent agency. In this way, the 1 always moves to the two 1’s standing together, and then back on itself.

The 11 represents the exchange of ideas, and with this date, we should see the power that simply being able to share and receive gives to both sides of the equation.

I return to the notion of illumination and what we wish to manifest, in our individual lives, but also for the “other” in our lives. I believe, on the date of 11.11.11 we will begin to move to an understanding that the “other” is not just a specific person or another culture, but the “other” means all of us, of which the initiating 1, or self, is a part. As I said, the 11 operates as a cycle, the 1’s bouncing off each other, always returning to the initiating one.
The 11 speaks to diplomacy and tact. 11.11.11 is a great day to decide to reach an agreement or have a difficult conversation. The numbers are on your side to negotiate fair outcomes that both sides can rest in. We should see the intention to manifest more just interactions and a more just world receive amplified power.

When the 11 triples up, like it will on 11.11.11, it holds special mystical properties. The likelihood of experiencing “synchronicity”, defined by Carl Jung as meaningful chances and occurrences, are likely to go up. It is also a confirmation number. We will know on this day if we are on the right path in our individual lives, especially in light of how we influence the collective conscious and collective unconscious, through inviting meaningful confirmation that touches the heart. The numbers align with the Universe to allow our external environment to speak to us. Where we are off track, we are likely to welcome the reality check, for it allows us to refine our course.

The triple quality to the number 11 adds an element of creative expression to the avenue we choose. 3 is also a number long associated with qualities of perfection and effort. When the 11 is tripled, it is magnified in a lens of effective action and productive outcomes.

The spiritual quality of illumination taking place now will help us usher in our changing times. Most encouraging to me is that many of us will be clarifying our intent, especially as we prepare as a collective to enter 2012, a time when the world becomes evident in change, several important astrological events reach precision, and one Mayan cycle ends and another begins. Next year’s 12.12.12 is where our intentions set now, on 11.11.11, will crystallize.

I will be writing about 2012, 12.12.12, and horoscopes for 2012 in the coming days and weeks. I will certainly share my insights as I go along. For now, I can say that 12 is a number of deep mysticism that steps out and does work in reverence and responsibility. As I have written before, Astrologically speaking, for thousands of years we have organized ourselves into 12 signs. The number 12 suggests a move away from the Lunar cycles and towards a greater desire for symmetry and individualism, represented in the Solar cycle. The 12 also speaks to the Age of Pisces, as Pisces is the 12th sign. Since we entered the Age of Pisces, the number 12 has been represented in many ways, with many spiritual leaders having 12 followers, including the 12 Apostles. Jupiter, the ancient ruler of Pisces, takes 12 years to orbit the Earth. Neptune will soon re-enter the 12th sign, Pisces, for a long stay into the next decade. The Mayan cycle that is ending has to do with materialism. The cycle we will be entering has to do with illumination. Again, I will talk more about these topics in the coming days, weeks, and into the coming new year. My hope in sharing the symbolism of 12 is that you consider the wisest use of the 11 now, so that we are prepared to embrace the magic ahead. The intention and inspiration of the 11 now will crystallize into a message to carry to the masses with the 12.

My personal motto, that I share when I can is, “Nothing happens by mistake, the Universe is wise and loving, and the evidence is everywhere.” I do believe that the current challenges we face as a collective are part of a wise plan to help us decide what energy we will focus on and what is worth our love. I personally do not believe the Universe punishes us. We are not where we are by mistake. It is where we need to be so we can best be prepared for where we need to be next. We can, if we choose, be made better for anything and all things. 11 is a number that speaks to “the evidence is everywhere”, as in our awareness meeting an environment, always alive with meaning and purpose.

With 11.11.11, my wish is that we decide what kind of future is worth manifesting, for us personally and collectively. My hope is, it is a life that is guided by love, optimism, and hope.
Your interaction and enthusiasm for my work is an incredible stewardship you have granted me. I am grateful.

Best Wishes, Always

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