Women Are Most Beautiful

Women are most beautiful when they are totally honest about who they are. When they hold themselves in reverence and revel in the truth of their being, entirely and lovingly. Women are magnificent when we bask in the delight of all our desires and enjoy the feel of our laughter, acknowledge and grow wiser with our sadness, and love freely and without condition. Women are divine when they are true. Women are goddesses and goddess-y. Women are the goddess manifest. I love being a woman today.

Women are most beautiful when they bleed and allow themselves to purify in the light and dark of the Moon. When we write, dance, sing, make art, and love, we are celebrating all of that creative power in us that swirls in our chakras and defines the essence of reproduction, life, and renewal. We are glorious when we feel bitchy and refuse to accept our conditioning as complacent, fearful, or in need of protection. We are fierce and dainty at the same time when we know we can take care of ourselves because everyone has to learn to give themselves the love they need.

Women are gorgeous when we love. When we fall so head over heals in love with ourselves that our own ecstasy cannot be eclipsed by any fear, loathing or lust. We are lusty in our own right when we enjoy the softness of our hips, the roundness of our stomachs, the variations of our breasts, and ferocity of our legs that carry us through to the next insight into self-acceptance. We are phenomenal and amazing when the delight of our own core is enough to make us feel sexually alive and fulfilled.

Women are beautiful when we celebrate the goddess through ritual and cleansing, when we meditate and channel a source of love that is metaphysical and much more real than that which appears to our five senses. Women are powerful when we embrace this energy because it is who we are, in our essence, in our light, in our ancestors of every tradition, in our intellect, and in the wisdom of our bodies. Women are it all because we just are. It so beautiful to just be. Woman. Women. Goddesses. Goddess, I love it! To be a woman is to be me.

Women are beautiful when we honor our selves, and hold our self-respect as paramount, above any and all else. We are beautiful when we assert our truth in the most loving way, and we are inspiring when we live that self respect in every choice we make.

Women are beautiful when we breathe. Women are very beautiful when we breathe. Women are most beautiful when we breathe.

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